Vintage Aircraft 3D Screensaver

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Vintage Aircraft 3D Screensaver from 3Planesoft is a screensaver application with 3D animation of flying aircrafts. The background of the screensaver is inspired by the European skies. One can see famous aircrafts, such as the mammoth Zeppelin, Albatross, and the Nieuports among others.

The screensaver can be customized according to the user’s preference. The view can be changed so that the user’s POV is from the cockpit of the aircraft. This gives the viewer an experience of flying the plane. Also, the mouse can be used for controlling the views so that the user can see the landscapes. From the aircraft, the user can see towns, farms and rivers below. Apart from the POV, there are other aspects that can be customized. The settings menu allows customization of video and monitor settings.

The Vintage Aircraft 3D Screensaver features highly-detailed graphical representations of views. The graphics quality can also be changed according to preference. The screensaver also comes with a default music that plays on the background. One can enable or disable the sound effects and control the volume. In addition, the user can also use tracks from the computer playlist. This gives the user the freedom to add and play music other than the default music. The screensaver can be set to close by moving or clicking the mouse.