NEXON Corp. (Freeware)

Vindictus is a fantasy MMORPG game program developed by devCAT and published by NEXON Corporation. It was initially released on January 21, 2010. Also known as the Mabinogi Heroes, Vindictus is the prequel to the MMORPG game Mabinogi. The gameplay is in episodic format, wherein more episodes are added every six months. After the player completed an episode, s/he will receive items and/or gold for the quests. Extra health points will also be added. The Classes and Characters are the same in the game. At the start of the game, players can choose from five different characters (North America version) – Karok, Fiona, Kai, Evie and Lann. Players may customize the appearance of their character. The skills are the same for each character.

The goals of the game are divided into three categories – Town, Pier, and Battles. Each category offer different points, story, and goals. Each character has two main skills. These skills may be upgraded using Ability Points (AP). Players can get AP by completing battles. Characters may also transform to another form of Dark Knight or Paladin, which is called Transformation. These transformations provide added skills and boosts. Transformations only last for a couple of minutes and they can only be activated once for every hour. Players can also get higher titles by completing battles and stories, collecting items, defeating certain enemies, or doing certain tasks. Each title offers players bonus statistics. Vindictus also features a Token System. This system enables players to enter and complete battles for a certain amount of “tokens”.