ViewNX 2 2.3.0

Nikon Corporation (Freeware)

ViewNX 2 is an image browsing and editing application for photos and movies. The software has three workspaces – GeoTag, Edit, and Browser. The GeoTag workspace is for managing photos and adding location tags for easier management. The Browser workspace is for viewing photos in different ways (tile, full screen, slideshow, etc). The edit workspace is for editing photos and videos with the variety of tools provided. The background color of the workspaces can be changed (white, grey, dark grey, and black). This can be changed according to the brightness of the image being displayed.

The program provides some basic editing functions, as well as others like crop, auto red-eye correction, straighten, and auto lateral color aberration. ViewNX 2 also has improved printing functions, such as printing the date and time the photo was taken, background color selection for printing photos, adding headers and footers, and selecting from metadata to print on the photo.

Other features of the ViewNX 2 program are the following:
Custom picture controls
File conversion (supports several file formats)
Color labels and ratings for photo management
Comprehensive RAW image processing
Variety of display modes

ViewNX 2 can be used with Picturetown, an image storage and sharing service by Nikon.