ViewDoc 7.0

Alex Efros (Shareware)

ViewDoc is an easy to use program for viewing many different kinds of documentation sources including Vim’s help, man pages, pydoc, perldoc, pman, and OS Inferno man pages. Any type of file inside Vim can be accommodated by this flexible utility. This program is a reliable viewer that is configurable in many different respects. This versatile utility is characterized as smart, and consistent. ViewDoc is designed to work in any NIX, but is has only been tested in Linux.
One of the main features of this program is the easy navigation from one topic to the next while the documentation is being viewed by the user. Moreover, this tool can easily detect the topic and documentation source using surrounding text or current syntax.  In addition, ViewDoc commands can also be configured. This means that the user can choose the specific method as to how documentation opens and closes, as well as where it will open based on his/her preference. Users can choose from several documentation sources for one particular file type to set up which one is to be used on the fly.

In using ViewDoc, new file types and documentation sources can be supported simply with the addition of external plugins. Another method is to add within ~/.vimrc file. This application can also be implemented as a console man page viewer.