Vienna Ensemble Pro

Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH (Proprietary)

Vienna Ensemble Pro is an audio application that allows users to work with MIDI files. The program can be used across different platforms (Mac or Windows). This application enables users to mix audio files using the built-in tools. The interface is where users can mix different instruments, such as strings, woodwinds, bass, and many more. Users have complete control over the mixing of each instrument in order to produce the ideal sound for a specific project. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Program comes with licenses that can be used on three computers
• Support for surround sound and comes with plug-ins for balancing audio on different channels
• Computer can be optimized with just one click to remove all unused samples from the application
• Comes with audio demonstrations so users can listen to different projects that can be done with the program
• Users can switch between projects without having to reload the setup of the application

Vienna Ensemble Pro also comes with a comprehensive help file where users can read on different topics and learn the various features the program has to offer. It also supports third party effects and plugins that users love to include in their projects.