VideoMach 5.9.8 (Shareware)

VideoMach converts files (audio, video, and image files) to different file formats. The program supports AVI, GIF, WMA, OGG, MPEG, etc. Additionally, the application consists of some simple photo and video editing tools that can enhance files. One of the features of the application is turning images to videos. Photos used can be high-speed photos, time lapse photo, 3d rendered images, screen captures, and stop-motion animation.

The application comes with several tools for photo and video editing including resize, sharpen, and rotate. The colors of the photos can also be adjusted. VideoMach comes with a variety of video effects, too. Other features of the application are the following:
• Get rid of photo and video noise
• Overlay tests and logos to photos and videos
• Add audio to animations
• Decompile movies into images or audio files
• Speed up or slow down video clips

VideoMach has a simple user interface. All the tools and video filters can be accessed from the menu bar. Changes to the files can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Preview’ option on the menu bar, too. The application comes with a help file that covers the tasks that can be done using the application. Tutorials are also available on the program’s official website.