KC Softwares (Freeware)

VideoInspector is a program used for checking accurate information about video files. This helps users determine possible cause of video problems like why the video is not playing or why there is no sound in the video. The program supports MKV, AVI, MOV and MPEG video formats. It works by inserting a video file onto the program via drag-and-drop or file browser methods. After inserting a file, it will automatically display different information about the video. Available details are categorized into three sections such as Movie (i.e. duration, movie complete and validity), Video (i.e. resolution, BitRate, FPS, codec and quality factor) and Audio (i.e. number of channels, BitRate, codec and sample rate).

Aside from displaying information about a video file, VideoInspector also features a built-in “Play” button. Clicking this button allows users to preview the inserted video using the default media player (e.g. Windows Media Player). The program can also detect if there are missing codecs in the system. Missing codecs will be displayed together with an option to download and install them. The program also displays all the installed codecs with different information such as version, FCC, file path and description.

The application also features several extra tools to help manage video files. It offers tools for burning and converting video files. There is also a FourCC Changer, which can be used to adjust the stream header FourCC values. Other available tools include audio extractor, BitRate viewer, exporter, batch processing tool and split tool.