VideoCacheView 2.45

NirSoft (Freeware)

VideoCacheView is a program developed by NirSoft for downloading online videos. However, this program only works if the video is saved in the browser’s cache. If so, it can be used to extract the video from the browser’s cache and stored it to the local hard drive. The program is capable of scanning all the video files found in the browser’s entire cache. It can be used in Internet Explorer, Mozilla-based browsers, Chrome and Opera. This application also has the ability to play videos straight from the browser’s cache provided that the movie player supports .flv file format.

The program does not require installation. One only has to run the program’s executable file. After doing so, it will automatically scan the cache folders of all the browsers installed in a computer. The program will also scan Windows’ temporary folder. After the scan is finished, the application shows all the videos currently stored in the cache. Users can perform two actions to all detected video files. They can either play a chosen file or copy those files to another folder.

Video files that are no longer stored in the cache folder can still be downloaded using this program. It has the “Open Download URL in Browser” option for this. Copying download URLs to a clipboard then later using it in a browser or another download program is possible as well.