Video Watermark Pro 2.4

AoaoPhoto Digital Studio (Shareware)

Video Watermark Pro is a video editing application that enables users to add watermarks to their video files. A watermark is an image, pattern, or text that is embedded in a file to show the ownership of that file. Watermarks are often placed in photographs, videos, documents, and other creative or intellectual works to avoid it from being stolen by other individuals, or used without the original owner’s permission. Video Watermark Pro is used to place customized watermarks into a user’s video file. Users may select between a text and graphic watermark, and select its placement on the video screen. Video Watermark Pro supports graphic watermarks such as images, logos, and signs. This application also allows users to place a standing watermark that is seen all throughout the video or make it appear in certain parts of the video file. In addition to these, Video Watermark Pro allows users to add watermarks to multiple video files simultaneously by its batch watermark feature.

Video Watermark Pro features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. The first part is the file list where users may view the video files imported for editing. The second part contains a built-in media player where users may preview their videos before and after adding watermarks. The third part is the tools section that contains buttons used for creating, uploading, placing, and editing watermarks in a video file.