Video to Picture 3.5 (Shareware)

Video to Picture is an application that enables users to extract images from video files in order to create animated GIF images or simply get individual images. Developed by the company Watermark-Software, this program converts various types of videos into a series if images, which can be customized according to size or frame rate. Some of the video and image file formats that this program supports include AVI, WMV, MPEG, and DVD (VOB), as well as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG among others. Users can also open and play videos on this application.

Once Video to Picture is installed, the user can immediately select the video files to be converted. A preview window is provided for the user to ensure that s/he has chosen the right video. The next step is setting the output size, choosing the frame rate, and selecting the interpolation option is the output is going to be rescaled. The file output can be converted to either an animated GIF or a series of photo images. Users can set the image quality of their serial photos, or incorporate a time delay to the GIF file. The program also offers several Effects such as filters, Brightness and Contrast adjustment, and other common image manipulation tools.