Video Impression 2.0

ArcSoft Inc. (Proprietary)

Video Impression is video-editing software developed and released by ArcSoft in October 2005. Video Impression allows users to create videos and slideshows from still pictures. Users may also add effects and textures to created videos as well as add text and audio.

Video Impression utilizes six steps in the movie-making process. Media tab allows users to view and select the media they would like to use for the movie. Media includes pictures, videos and music. Media may be added to the timeline by drag and drop. Edit tab allows users to customize the selected media. Edit options include Brightness and Contrast adjustments, Photo sizing, Trimming, and Cropping. Photo Sizing includes Best fit, Fill and Crop, or Stretch to Fit. Effects tab features the different effects that may be applied to selected media. Effects include Sepia, Oldtime video, Black and White, Rock video, Pop video, and even Easy Rhythm. Text tab allows users to add text to selected clips or scenes. Narrate tab allows users to add an audio narration to play simultaneously with the pictures. Produce is the last step. It allows users to export the video project into a video file, which may either be AVI, DV or WMV. Users may also export the video files to an email-applicable size.

Video Impression also supports video transitions, which may include Diagonal, Diamond, Blinds and Pixelate. However, to add themes to a movie project, audio track must not be longer than 10 minutes nor be shorter by half the video.