Video DVD Maker

Protectedsoft (Shareware)

Video DVD Maker is a software application developed by Protectedsoft that allows users to create their own DVDs by converting videos into an appropriate file format, and burning them to DVDs or VCDs. Users can record home-made videos using any type or video-taking device such as digital cameras, webcams, mobile phones and TV tuners, and deploy the project on various types of discs. The disc options include CDs, CD-RWs, DVDs, DVD-RWs, and DVD-RDL. The captured video can be saved as an uncompressed file AVI file, or as a different file format. Users can also take a video stored in the local directory and import it to the program so that the conversion and burning processes could begin.

Apart from video files, Video DVD Maker can also copy data onto compact discs. It has a simple user interface that is divided into two main sections. The left side contains the main function buttons while the right side has the viewing panel and file list. Users will be able to navigate the program easily because the steps are clearly shown on the left side of the window. Once the user has selected a type of project, s/he is guided through the whole burning process through a wizard-like approach. One of this program’s most distinctive features is the Timeline, which allows users to arrange video clips in their desired order and preview the result in the viewing panel.