Video AVI to GIF converter (Shareware)

The Video AVI to GIF converter by is used to capture frames from a video and convert these to GIF format. This application supports different video formats, including MPG, ASK, AVI, and WAV. Users can also create animated thumbnails in GIF format for their video disc files, such as when creating chapters in a DVD movie. Users can also capture still shots of a movie, or a particular scene in a film. The animated GIFs may be used for posting online, especially for blog sites such as Wordpress, Blogspot, and Tumblr. The animated GIFs are smaller in file size and load faster than video clips.

• Users can specify the start and end point in a video where the GIF will be made from. Users can also set the number of frames per second to save. When the user clicks the “Convert to GIF” button, a configuration window will display, where users can specify other options. Users can do the following:
• Crop frames
• Apply a grayscale filter
• Set the color palette
• Set the quality and compression method

The application comes with a preview mode that allows users to remove and restore frames. The user interface of the Video AVI to GIF converter is simple; users can add files using the file browser. It also comes with a step-by-step tutorial for users who will be trying out the program for the first time.