Vidalia Bridge Bundle

The TOR Project (Shareware)

Vidalia Bridge Bundle is a controller for the Tor or The Onion Router program. This utility is a controller GUI with cross-platform capabilities developed specifically for the TOR project. Tor is a popular software that is designed to protect the privacy of its user from spies who monitor browsing habits of Internet users. The Onion Router program is widely used around the world. Anonymous browsing is made possible primarily with the use of a network of servers located in different parts of the world. Vidalia Bridge Bundle, a client for The Onion Router program, facilitates online browser anonymity.

There are three application editions available to the public namely, The Bridge bundle, the Relay edition, and the Exit version. Users can choose from among the three based on their current needs.

This program offers users control settings that enable them to manage anonymous connections seamlessly. The control panel is user friendly and presents users with the status of the connection. Users of Vidalia Bridge Bundle has full control on whether to stop or start the Tor program. In addition, Vidalia Bridge Bundle is also capable of viewing and analyzing bandwidth usage as well. The controls are integrated such that the user can easily manage anonymous connections.