Vice City Mod Manager 10

GTA Gaming (Freeware)

Vice City Mod Manager (VCMM) is a tool that enables players of Vice City install game modifications easily. Vice City modifications have the extension .vcm inside a zip folder. With this tool, users do not have to install the modifications manually, which can be difficult especially for novice players. An incorrectly-installed mod may result in game loading errors.

After downloading a mod, users can open the zip file containing the ReadMe text and the VCM file of the mod. The .txt file can be left as is, while the VCM file can then be copied to a dedicated folder for the manager tool, located in the computer’s Program Files. The manager’s folder is labeled “VCMM”. Users can open the VCM folder within the VCMM folder and paste the .vcm file there. When the VCMM program is run, the user will be able to see the new .vcm file.

Users can select the new mod and click the Install button. VCMM will ask which car in the Vice City game the user would like to replace. After selecting the car to be replaced, users can then click Install. The new modification will then be in place when the game restarts. Vice City Mod Manager may be used in conjunction with the tool Vice City Mod Packer, which enables players to create mods. The created mods can then be installed using the manager.