ViCAM Video Capture Application

Vista Imaging Incorporated (Proprietary)

ViCAM Video Capture Application is a camera-based automatic identification system. This utility is widely used in the following industries: warehousing, manual material handling, distribution, manufacturing, and sorting in post/parcel. This application enables operators to use the matrix multi-purpose camera system to move goods and products.

This program boasts of a high level of accuracy as well as the highest throughputs. One of its main advantages is its lightweight and compact characteristics. Another is the speed by which this program can capture and process 2D codes and barcodes. This utility is capable of these functions at twice the speed of typical laser scanners.

This application is essential to the efficient handling of goods. This function is mediated by the largest reading area available in the market today. The field has a width of 12x10 inches and a depth of 16 inches. With reading area dimensions of 310mm x 260mm x 300mm, operators can capture barcodes that are stamped or printed on boxes and parcels.

ViCAM Video Capture Application is a program created by Vista Imaging Incorporated. This program may be integrated into the existing system easily. It identifies data accurately even when the subject has low contrast or printed in poor quality. Blurred characters and partly-damaged codes can also be read by this application.