Vhd Resizer (Shareware)

Vhd Resizer, developed by, is an application that has the ability to increase the size of a virtual hard disk (VHD). A larger VHD gives users more space for data files and installed applications. It can also set a fixed size for a virtual hard disk. It can benefit users who have run out of free space on their virtual drives by expanding the disk space size to a larger value, or by converting the VHD into an expanding virtual hard disk.

Resizing drives is easy to do using the wizard interface—after selecting the file to be resized with Vhd Resizer, users specify the name of the new VHD file in the destination field, and then specify the new size using the slider. After the options are set, users can simply click on the resize button to start the process.

After VHD file resizing, the new and extra space in the disk will appear in Disk Management. It is recognized as an unallocated partition space on the hard disk. This space must be assigned to the system drive. Users can do this easily by linking the new VHD file to an existing one; the new file will be linked as a secondary drive. Once the system reboots, the expanded drive will appear and be ready to store new programs and data files.