VFR Germany 4 - German Landmarks Tool

Aerosoft GmbH (Proprietary)

VFR Germany 4 - German Landmarks Tool is a flight simulation application that allows easier flying with its vivid aerial images covering large areas. This gives accurate images of the buildings in Germany as it combines several databases. Its depiction for terrains in FSX is realistic with its 1000ft or FL35 simulation. The application is helpful to pilots in training with its extremely detailed resolution of a million pixels at 80,000 km high. Airport runways adjust to the aerial images. No worries of getting lost as there are thousands of essential VFR reference points like transmission towers and factories. New custom-designed autogen replacing the default autogen buildings with typical German looking buildings also make tracking easier.

Autogen buildings placed at their precise locations within Germany using a database of more than 4 million objects. Add to it is its depiction of almost all lakes and rivers with water masks, where floaters can land. There are also additional glider and ultra-light airfields, which were not included in FSX yet. It also contains a VFR map for the whole area.

VFR Germany 4 - German Landmarks Tool includes a printable chart and detailed aerial photographs that look sharp even at low altitudes. Its Autogen enhances the illusion of depth in the air and also maintains the illusion closer to the ground. Photographic ground textures of water features are fully integrated in the application.