VFR Germany 1 - German Landmarks Tool

Aerosoft GmbH (Proprietary)

VFR Germany 1 - German Landmarks Tool is a utility created by Aerosoft GmbH which offers users accurate terrain representation for aerial flights. One of the highlights of this tool is the high quality photographic ground textures that characterize the images. The creators made use of images taken by aerial surveys instead of low-resolution satellite photographs to produce the visual representation of terrain.

Simpilots can make use of this tool that offers aerial images with the following characteristics:
• Accurate and current location of millions of buildings
• Combination of updated databases
• Aerial images of a territory that covers a 95,000 square kilometer area
• VFR navigation using real-world chart in Acrobat file
• High resolution  textures retained even at low altitude flights

The program can be used by simpilots and they can benefit from the flexibility of the tool, which offers users state-of-the-art graphics whether they are at 1000 feet above sea level or flying at FL35.

VFR Germany 1 - German Landmarks Tool employs the latest technological innovations in order to present a product that contains an exact representation of terrain in FSX. The area coverage is large while preserving relevant details that the pilot needs for orientation and navigation.

VFR Germany 1 - German Landmarks Tool provides users with product manuals that may be accessed online.