VFAPI Reader

TMPGEnc (Shareware)

VFAPI Reader is a converter and codec developed by TMPGEnc for reading and transforming different pseudo AVI file types so that they can be used in other applications. This is a very handy utility for people who are looking for a compact tool that they can easily use without any fuss.

This tool is a must-have for user that wants to create dummy AVIs and enable applications that support AVI formats to open them. Project files in .DVR and .AVS formats may be converted by this utility into dummy AVIs. VFAPI Reader makes otherwise inaccessible files more convenient to play.

VFAPI Reader is the tool to use in converting a VFAPI file into AVI format, which makes the outcome readable by other applications that are not native supporters of VFAPI. Some users have reported that they were also successful in using this program with other utilities. For example, VFAPI Reader turned out to be a suitable complement to DGMPGDec to frame-serve MPEGs and VOBs to Movie Edit Pro. VFAPI Reader is a small, compact utility that is easy to use. Once it creates the pseudo AVI file from the project output created by DVD2AVI, TMPGEnc, and AVI, the converted file can be read by any program.