VF Basic

Virtual-fashion (Shareware)

VF Basic, or VirtualFashion Basic, is an application that enables users to create realistic 3D clothing. The created virtual garments can be used for fashion design, creating designs for a wedding entourage, creating a clothing line, and seeing which fabrics work best for a particular design. This program offers users an easy-to-use set of tools and fashion design technology to help in the process of creating realistic 3D clothing. This application increases the productivity of designers by doing away with manually creating designs on paper.

VF Basic makes use of ClothReyes, a proprietary application that serves as a cloth simulator. With this feature, the program simulates different kinds of fabrics accurately. It includes 11 fabric types with exact algorithms so that it is able to display and render not only the visual properties (appearance, color) of a fabric but its dynamic properties (behavior when draped) as well.

This program also has a draping simulation feature. With this, users can select their virtual model’s posture and have their created clothing adapt to the selected pose. This way, users will be able to see how the cloth falls over the body so they can make the necessary adjustments. In addition, this program is equipped with a photographic studio feature so users can create fashion shots in 2D.