Vertrix 3 v0.1

The Clusters - Cédric Castel & Denis Trebbi (Freeware)

Vertrix is an action strategy game that features falling blocks. In this game, players have to align blocks by rearranging them as they fall down in threes. The shapes may be simple, such as a line of three identical blocks, while other alignments are more complicated, such as plus signs, right arrows, and multiplication signs. There are three kinds of blocks in the game: normal blocks, indestructible blocks, and exploding blocks.

Each successful alignment in Vertrix gives players a blob. Every three blobs gained gives players a choice to select a bonus. For every 12 blobs earned, players go up a level, and if the player has not been given all of his or her bonuses yet, the game provides a new bonus column.

Players can choose to go against the computer (Human VS. CPU) or against another player (Human VS. Human). To win the game, the player should reach Level 10 before his or her opponent does, and that the opponent does not reach Level 10 in the next three seconds after the player. Another way to win is for the opponent’s board to be filled so that the blocks cannot fall down anymore, and that the player is able to hold on for three seconds without having his or her bar blocked.