VerseQ 2009.11.6.210

Vladimir Kim (Shareware)

VerseQ is touch-typing tutorial program developed by Vladimir Kim. The program works by generating a line of texts in which the user must copy using a keyboard. The program will then collect the statistics on errors as well as time (rhythm and speed). After completing the first line, users may either proceed to the next line or choose to check the statistics generated by the program. The statistical data provided by VerseQ includes the typing speed, rhythm, number of errors and proficient quotient. The first three have their own levels of skills (i.e. typing speed of 700 means that the user is doing well and a rhythm of 80% means the user is in a professional level). This enables users to check how well they are doing.

Unlike other programs, VerseQ tutorial begins with all the letters in the alphabet present. This means that users no longer have to get irritated or bored for typing the letter “A” 100 times over. The program does not only teach students key positions, it also teaches the characteristic of the language, or the “chords”. “Chords” are like patterns within a specific language. For instance, the letter combinations “str”, “wh and “th” are usually stroke as one symbol. Knowing and memorizing these “chords” can help achieve typing proficiency.