Versato System

WayTech Development, Inc. (Shareware)

Versato is a business management program that utilizes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP concerns itself with enabling information systems to integrate an organization’s existing data and processes into one system or software. In essence, Versato is a platform designed to integrate a company’s various divisions or departments. It is an application that facilitates automation and effective storage of the entire body of business information possessed by the company. The most prominent advantage this system gives is an optimized flow of information as well as an efficient decision-making process.

ERP was designed specifically for the management of construction companies, contractors, and developers. Versato was engineered to complement this design with its modules that make it easier for the users to keep track of the efficiency of a construction company’s normal operations. Managers and clients of construction companies alike stand to benefit from being able to effortlessly gain access to reports on the progress of projects. Such reports, which usually come in the Excel formats, are updated with data in real time. The format of the reports can be modified according to certain requirements. Menus are likewise customizable such that every user can see only the aspects of a certain operation that are relevant to their business goals. As the program safeguards the company’s information, access to its data and processes can only be done by entering passwords. In addition, the system monitors user involvement in accessing data.