VerbAce Research (Shareware)

VerbAce Pro is an Arabic-English dictionary software that can define and translate words between the two languages. It does it through their proprietary engine that can analyze word formations in both languages. Most of the time, it is used by hovering the mouse to a word that needs to be defined. Additionally, clicking a word can trigger the translation to happen, which will be displayed on a pop-up Window. The software can even detect Arabic and English idioms. It explains the idiom with accuracy. It recognizes verb formations, too. This allows for proper differentiation between tenses and sentence voice. The program can also display proper pronunciation of English words.

When Internet connection is present, VerbAce Pro can display results from Wikipedia. Because of that, the program can even display pictures related to the word being translated. The same is true with words being defined. It allows for a private dictionary where the user can add new terms.

Majority of applications with texts in them can be translated by the software. Even if the computer running the software does not support Arabic language, the program provides a virtual keyboard where users can type Arabic words that needs to be defined. It can also be set to receive automatic software updates.