VENUE® Software

Avid Technology, Inc. (Proprietary)

VENUE is a professional audio mixing software that enables users to mix live sound. It supports high quality audio, so users come up with the best quality for each audio project. The application is mostly used by professionals when recording and live mixing. It is a standalone program, but can also be used with other audio applications from Avid Technology. The program has an intuitive user interface, which makes creating projects easier and quicker. Some of its main features are as follows:

• Studio-quality sound – The program produces studio-quality sound for all projects. Several plug-ins are also built into the program and more can be downloaded. Some of the plug-ins included are dynamics processors, equalizer, amplifiers, and emulators.
• Snapshots and events – The application also has a feature called Snapshots. This feature allows users to get snapshots for the settings of a project. This allows users to easily recall another project’s settings when dealing with a similar project. Actions that are frequently used can also be recorded as events.
• Compatibility – Files created with Avid Technology products use the same technology, which makes it easier to use different kinds of files with other programs. This application is capable of adapting the settings of a project based on the software and hardware used.