Ventrilo Application 3.0.8

Flagship Industries, Inc. (Freeware)

Ventrilo Application is a Voice over IP (VoIP) communications program developed Brian Knapp in August 2002. It is a program that allows users to communicate over the internet. Ventrilo Application has many functions. It can be used for communicating through online games. It can be a tool for video conferencing and long distance business meetings. Ventrilo Application can also be used together with other group collaboration programs, which are yet to develop voice communication support. Ventrilo Application can also be used to communicate with a large group of people as on a website with voice interaction with developers and clients.

Ventrilo Application’s most common application is in online gaming. Players in a multi-player game use the program to communicate with each other in-game. Ventrilo Application utilizes minimum CPU resources, thus, it complements even high-CPU usage games or programs. Ventrilo Application features surround sound positioning. This program also offers full customization of the audio listening experience. Every audio sound may be customized on a per user, per channel, or per server basis.

Ventrilo Applications user interface feature a straightforward design. The main panel features the available connections while top panel shows option buttons for setting User name, Server, and Bindings. On the right panel, users may choose to Disconnect, Connect, Chat, Setup, or Close the program. About and Help buttons may also be found on the right hand panel.