Venom Setup Program

GSC Game World (Freeware)

GSC Game World began as a multimedia encyclopedia and education company which later evolved as a developer of game technologies and computer games. Among the games it developed was the Venom: Codename: Outbreak released on December 1, 2000. In this game, an invasion is fast spreading; the player’s role is to fight the alien forces in more than 13 different levels.

The Venom Setup program is the tool used to install the game. It can be installed in most laptops and desktop models and is compatible with the major operating systems. In the game, players are allowed to modify their weapons as well as control allies and teammates, big factors to complete the missions. Gameplay involves players running around the game area to look for several weapons scattered on the ground (e.g. ammos, sniper, machine gun, laser etc.). Different missions require different types of tools that are crucial to a particular level’s success. Another crucial choice is the type of armor, which is built for several situations. Although the setting of the game is in the 21st century, themes diversify into three: urban, desert, or forest.

Also, players have an inventory which contains significant information including the uses of the chosen armor and weapon. The game can be played solo up or multiplayer in 16-player deathmatch and CTF modes.