Venice Deluxe

Retro64 (Shareware)

Venice Deluxe is a puzzle game where players must shoot out shapes to their matching silhouettes on the buildings. After completing the shapes on an area, the game moves upwards so that the player can finish the level by filling all the shapes on the tower. The shapes shoot out from a gondola that can be moved to the left or right at the bottom of the screen. Players must finish the level before the water level rises to the top of the window and Venice sinks. The game gets harder as the levels get higher. Players will encounter obstacles in higher levels, such as locks, tiny passages, or stones that block the silhouettes. Venice Deluxe also offers power-ups. Some of these are:

• Angel – The angel flies to a silhouette on the tower to fill it with the correct shape.
• Joker – The joker is a wild card shot that fills an empty silhouette.
• Life – Gives the player an extra life.
• Combo – Removes all the same shapes on the tower.

Venice Deluxe has four game modes. It consists of more than 70 structures in Venice for players to save. Players can also unlock bonus rounds to play additional levels.