Velvet Assassin

Replay Studios (Proprietary)

Velvet Assassin is a game about a World War II British spy named Violette Summer. Gameplay is one of stealth action with a real-time lighting system and surreal graphics. Challenges include spying on and eliminating enemies, infiltrating a prison in Gestapo, and giving cyanide to fellow spies before they are torturedto speak by the Germans.

The game features brutal assassinations.  Weapons included in the game are historically accurate knives and guns that were used during World War II. Environments found in the game were patterned after actual locations in World War II. A large number of gameplay happens in Violette’s flashbacks. Other game missions include bombing a depot for fuel on Maginot Line, assassinating a war coronel in Paris,   in Hamburg, stealing documents for bombers in Operation Gomorrah, and in Warsaw, locating secret agents. Lighting takes on a vital role since the game is stealth-based. Players must hide in shadows for them not to be detected. Once detected, Violette must either escape or fight off guards. Skills can be customized to alter Violet’s attributes in order to suit a player’s gaming style. If the player garners a thousand experience points, Violette’s skills may be upgraded by improved Strength, Morphine, or Stealth. The game character is based on an actual saboteur named Violete Szabo.