Vega Strike 0.5.1

Vega Strike Project (Freeware)

Vega Strike is a space simulation game that was initially released on April 2012. The game is set in a universe where the player needs to balance trading, exploration, and combat. The SPEC, a spacecraft, is the main mode of transportation in the game. Players can upgrade the spacecraft in order to make it faster. Upgrading the vehicle also opens more opportunities for the player as more missions are unlocked. Vega Strike offers six mission types. They are:

• Patrol – In a patrol mission, targets are placed in a system and players must scan them in detail by visiting them.
• Cargo – Cargo missions entail players to transport various items from one location to another without losing them to pirates or to authorities who are on the lookout for illegal items.
• Clean Sweep – This mission is similar to a patrol mission, but players need to eliminate enemies along the way.
• Rescue – Players must rescue a pilot in a location and bring the pilot to a certain planet. The player must also go into battle before completing the rescue mission.
• Defense – In a defense mission, the player must eliminate all the enemies and keep the target safe. Targets in defense missions can range from small ships to giant space stations.
• Bounty – In a bounty mission, players must go for targets that are protected by enemies.