Vector Magic 1.15

Vector Magic, Inc. (Shareware)

Vector Magic is a bitmap conversion tool developed by Vector Magic, Inc. It is used for converting bitmap images into vectors. The program is capable of converting bitmap formats including PNGs, GIFs, and JPEGs. Supported vector formats include SVG, EPS, and PDF.

The program works by turning bitmaps into vectors in three phases – Palette Selection, Image Segmentation, and Path Smoothing. Throughout the entire process, users are given options to configure certain aspects of the finished vector file. Aside from this, Vector Magic also offers users with three levels of control and interactivity. These include Basic Wizard Mode, Advanced Wizard Mode, and Fully Automatic Vectorization. The Basic Wizard Mode works much like the program’s online version with the user presented with a set of questions on how the input image should turn out. The Advanced Wizard Mode provides users with total control of all the internal aspects of the program. In the Fully Automatic Vectorization mode, the program selects all the parameters and settings automatically for the user.

To use the program, users only have to choose between the three available modes. If working with the Basic or Advanced Wizard Modes, the user is required to choose from a selection of parameters and settings. The program also features a Paste from Clipboard function. Batch processing is also available, which can be used for “vectorizing” multiple images in batch using a single setting.