Incendo Technology (Shareware)

Vectir is a utility that remotely controls applications using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and a USB infrared receiver or transmitter devices like USBUIRT. This application is both a home and business solution supporting a variety of devices and other applications. It can be used to manage slideshow presentations at work, or manage the media player at home with the use of a mobile device, among many practical uses.  

Vectir allows the users to control their computer at a distance. The utility provides support for Media Player, PowerPoint, iTunes, and Winamp. It also allows users to customize the user interface by adjusting the font size and color, adding new commands, and selecting hot keys on their mobile device to manage certain features. Users can control the app with the navigation keys of their mobile devices. Moving the cursor around the desktop, zooming in and out, and controlling the mouse pointer are possible from afar via this utility.

Other features of Vectir include the following:

• Keyboard Commands – This feature allows the users to add a remote control support for several applications that run on the computer.
• Remote Desktop Support – This feature allows the users to remotely control and view the desktop of a computer using a mobile device.