Joe Venzon, Chris Guirl, Dick Maurer, Matthew Nicholson (Open Source)

VDrift is a simulation application for driving, with focus on drift racing. It can be used on computers running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. It makes use of accurate physics and well-rendered graphics to deliver a realistic drift racing experience for users. As an open-source application, it also provides developers with a platform for continuous improvement and experimentation with regards to making racing simulations.

This application features 39 car models that are based on real-world cars used in street racing. The racing environment includes 45 fully-modeled tracks that are also based on racing tracks in the real world. Players can use different devices for controlling their cars, such as the keyboard, mouse, driving wheel, gamepad, and a joystick.

VDrift features various camera modes so users can select how they want to view their races. It also provides players with driver aids such as anti-lock braking, automatic shifting, and traction control. Each car comes with brake and reverse lights, and users can customize the controls as they wish. Players can race against up to three computer-controlled opponents with different levels of difficulty. Aside from real-world physics, cars, and tracks, this simulator also has realistic sounds and sceneries to give players the best racing experience.