VCM Scanner

HP Tuners, LLC (Proprietary)

HP Tuners VCM Scanner is an in-depth scanning and diagnosis tool for automobile OBDII data. It takes advantage of an automobile’s OBDII data port to provide car enthusiasts, tuners and professional shop technicians with real-time data on a car’s performance. It is meant to be used with HP Tuners VCM Suite system, as both programs complement each other through their functions. However, it may also be used as a standalone. All the data gathered by the program during scanning is displayed through the easy-to-read and use interface that is designed to be as straightforward as possible.

HP Tuners VCM Scanner has a built-in virtual dashboard with dials for almost every variable a user would wish to see. From the basic RPM and speedometer displays to more advanced gauges for ECT, IAT, MAF, MAP and fuel injection meters, all of them are displayed, ready to be interpreted by car enthusiasts and professional technicians alike. Users also have the option to see this data on charts instead of a traditional dashboard view, for a more accurate and in-depth representation. When used with the editing capabilities of HP Tuners VCM Editor, car tuners will be provided with some of the most in-depth diagnostic and tuning capabilities for their cars.