VCM Editor

HP Tuners, LLC (Proprietary)

HP Tuners VCM Editor is an in-depth utility used by car enthusiasts when tweaking certain aspects of their car’s performance. It is meant for use both at home by the car enthusiasts themselves, or in the shop by professional car servicemen. VCM Editor is part of the HP Tuners VCM Suite which also includes HP Tuners VCM Scanner. This program allows users to take control of an automobile’s operating system and calibration or tuning section. Both VCM and PCM tweaks are supported by the program, allowing for maximum customization and performance tuning options.

The editor is meant to be used with HP Tuners proprietary interface for connecting to the car’s hardware. Once this is performed, users can then link up to the car using the utility. Tuning information is then displayed by the program in an easy-to-use and understand interface. Engine and transmission diagnosis can be done though the software. Fuel system and speedometer calibration can also be performed. Information pertaining to the car, ranging from basic information such as make, model, year, and engine type are all available for the user’s perusal. More in-depth information such as gear shift speed and air-intake are available for the user to view as well. More advanced features such as VIN editing, VCM/PCM image reflashing and system modifications are also available in the editor.