Jiao Shanwu, Jiao System Ltd. (Shareware)

VCDCutter is an application used for playing, converting, and cutting MPEG video files, VCD and other movie files (AVI, MOV, MPG and more). It can extract a video file’s system stream, video stream, or audio stream exclusively. This application can play VCDs and DVDs, convert AVI files to MPG format, convert movie files to AVI, extract specific frames from a video file, and combine video clips from multiple sources into a single file.

VCDCutter also  has these features:
• Split System stream to MV1 and MP3.
• Mplex (Multiplex) MV1 and MP3 to System Stream. Multiplexing is a procedure wherein two or more streams are interleaved into one single stream.
• Divide MPG or MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) files to multi-small parts.
• Convert DAT files to MPG, MV1 and MP3. This is used for VCD conversion only.
• Split VOB (Video Object) to M2V, AC3 and MP3. This is used for DVD splitting only.

The application also allows the user to alter the application settings. It includes options for codecs, clip extraction, playback, and user interface components. The codec option includes the frame decoder, frame quality, and the MPEG Codec to be applied. The clip extraction option includes the export file type, extracted frame file types and more. The Playback option includes the audio volume and balance, audio channels, and other adjustable features. Interface elements such as the tool bar, tool tips, and playlists can be turned on or off.