VCarve Pro

Vectric Limited (Shareware)

VCarve Pro is an application that enables users to create vector graphics for use on a CNC router or machine. It can import 2D designs from other applications; users can also start from scratch and make use of the program’s built-in set of drawing tools to create their own designs. This application is ideal for use by plastic fabricators, wood workers, prop makers, furniture makers, sign makers, hobbyists, and similar users.

The drawing tools included in this application provide users with options for creating standard shapes, arcs, lines, and curves. The tools can easily be controlled using typed input to make sure that the output has the exact measurements as specified. Users can also ‘sketch’ their designs using a mouse or a graphics pen and tablet. To help make vector drawings and layouts more accurate, the program provides users with guidelines, rulers, and a snap grid function.

Users can also trace images to create vector files. Through vectorization, users can import images such as a photo or scanned drawing and convert the colors in it into vector outlines. These can then be used as part of the user’s design. Toolpaths can also be created from vector outlines. VCarve Pro’s toolpath options include Auto-Inlays, Profiling, Prism Carving, Pocketing, Fluting, and Drilling.