Adersoft (Freeware)

VbsEdit is a VBScript editor developed by Adersoft and released on June 2013. This editor offers several features including a built-in debugger, syntax coloring, auto-completion and auto-capitalize functions. Other features are the dynamic help function, an object browser tool, WMI classes browser tool, sample scripts, and code snippets. The program also offers a WMI code generator. The samples and snippets may be accessed through the menu bar. Breakpoints may also be added while editing so as to make it easier to check the codes line by line. The program also supports Intellisense. Intelli-sense or Intelligent code sense enables users to complete the programming process in a minimum amount of time.

VbsEdit’s main user interface sports a grey classical Windows theme. The menu bar displays menu buttons for File, Edit, View, Debug, Snippets, Samples, Tools, and Help. The function bar just below the menu bar provides function buttons for the most common tasks. The main interface is divided into three windows— VBS Editor, Object Browser, and the Variables window. Other windows may be viewed and hidden aside from the VBS main editor window.  The Debugger toolbar sits just below the function toolbar. The Debugging process may be initiated using the Start button on the far left. The debugging process may be stopped and paused at any time. The status bar displays the current cursor location.