VBA Link 1.8.0 beta0 (Freeware)

VBA Link is improved version of GBA Emulator VisualBoy Advance. This program is used to allow players to link a maximum of 4 emulators that come with gba roms as it supports GBA/SP multiplayer mode. Users do have the option to use the LAN or the Wifi edition. The LAN support is its feature that connects up to 4 PCs on the Internet which means it is no longer necessary to have the emulation on the same PC.

The VBA Link features save states that allow users to save at any point of the game. It does not matter whether the game itself allows save at the specific location. Users also have the option to turn the audio in the game on or off. On the same menu are other audio options available. Changing the size of the emulator screen is allowed under the video options. Size options are flexible as it caters to all sizes according to the user's preference. However, the quality of the video decreases if the size is increased. Users can add video filters to improve the quality.

VBA comes with different types of cheats. Code and Cheat, GamesShark, Codebreaker and GameShark SP are few of the cheats players can utilize. For quantitative game values, there is a built-in search engine. This application also allows users to load SAV, SPS, and some XPS and save them. A recording option is also available for players to record their game progress.