VB Doodle

Hopkins Programming (Freeware)

VB Doodle is a graphics application that enables users to take screenshots of the desktop. The program can be an alternative to the print screen feature of the computer. The application allows users to take screenshots in two ways – capture an open window on the computer, or capture the entire desktop window. Upon installation, the program adds an icon on the system tray that users can click on to access the main window.

Aside from taking screenshots, the application also allows users to doodle on the screenshots just like the Paint program. This can be done by accessing the Toolbox window. Users can choose the pen and text color, drawing font size, and font style. The application consists of several tools including shapes, pen, highlighter, and many others. Users can then print out the screenshots with the doodles straight from the program’s interface. The images can also be saved in the computer for reference.

Here are the other features of the VB Doodle application:

• Has simple and easy to use interface that is ideal for both novice and advanced computer users
• Can be set to run as soon as the computer starts
• Does not clog system resources
• Useful for presentations, demonstrations, and other projects