VB Decompiler 9.3

GPcH Soft (Proprietary)

VB Decompiler a software program both used for disassembling and decompiling programs. It disassembles programs written in .NET technology and decompiles programs written by Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0. It is a perfect tool for analyzing programs, as well as restoring lost source codes from a project. It is featured with disassembling native code procedures, as well as user control object files. It supports files with .exe, .dll, and .ocx formats.

For programs compiled with .NET assembly, what VB Decompiler does is that it recovers all the modules and tables, methods, and events using its IL disassembler function. Meanwhile, for Visual Basic programs that are interpreted in p-code, this software restores the source code as accurately as possible and then combines all the generated code. It also allows parsing of opcodes so that it can be turned into standard VB instructions without the decompilation of GUID object. The latest version of this software is added with a new code highlight control that is derived from SynEdit resources. The decompiled data is saved as a single DB file.  

Its other features include the following:
• Fast decompiling speed
• Search engine for string reference list
• Patcher for VB5/6 programs
• Obfuscator for VB5/6 programs
• Syntax coloring