vasFMC 2.10

Alex Wemmer (Freeware)

Alex Wemmer developed and released the vasFMC flight simulator program in 2005. VAS stands for Virtual Aviation Suite. FMC, on the other hand, stands for Flight Management Computer. The vasFMC program was once called simpleFMC. It is considered as an open-source project and is free for everyone to download and use.

This particular program starts by creating a usable airbus flight management computing system. The program was created based on the Thales system. This system was actively used in modern Airbus category planes and this is what all flight simulators are based on. The main purpose of this piece of software is to make aeronautical charts easier to understand. This makes these charts more reliable when it comes to use by real-life flight operators.

First developed to contain aeronautical charts that can be manipulated for pre-flight purposes, the program was then modified to focus on pure navigational elements. Modern versions of the program provide users with an improved understanding of flight computer systems. This makes the program a popular teaching and practicing tool. Aside from a practical interface that provides easy access to the program’s features, the program also includes computer buttons that simulate the feel of aircraft management – specifically that of the computer systems of the Airbus family of planes.