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The main purpose of the driver program known as VAS or NI Vision Acquisition Software is to provide users with the means to acquire, log, display, and monitor images. This program works with different types of cameras. Vision Acquisition Software is a built-in component of various NI vision hardware products such as frame grabbers, vision systems, and smart cameras. It is also included with all the existing NI vision software licenses.

One of the highlights of VAS is NI-IMAQ is that it may be used for the acquisition of images from parallel digital and analog NI Smart Cameras and Camera Link cameras. Another main feature of this application is the NI-IMAQdx driver which in turn is useful in acquiring images from IP (Ethernet), GigE Vision devices, USB3 Vision cameras, IIDC-compliant IEEE 1394 cameras, and the following devices: scanners, webcams, and microscopes.

VAS may be used to create applications that utilize any of the following: Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic, NI LabVIEW, C, C#, and C++. The functions are easy to use and the creation of applications is made less complicated when compared to similar applications.

VAS may be purchased by interested parties as a separate utility. Vision Acquisition Software has admirable security and monitoring functions that are adequate and do not need additional hardware or any specialized image processing tool.