Vanilla and Chocolate

Enlight Software (Freeware)

Vanilla and Chocolate is a business simulation and time management game developed by Enlight Software and published by Alawar Entertainment. In this game, the player takes on the role of the owner of a small ice cream parlor who aspires to grow his/her business to a nationwide ice cream brand. The player starts off by entering the Story Mode, in which s/he must join the Ice Cream Master’s Apprentice contest and manage an ice cream shop. The player must be able to monitor his/her finances early on in the game in order to earn maximum profit. Some of the crucial tasks in this mode include buying necessary items, adjusting expenses according to feedback from the customers, checking daily finance reports, and making budget adjustments.

Vanilla and Chocolate also features a Free Play mode, in which players will have to serve an unlimited number of customers. However, players must go through and finish three primary locations, namely the amusement park, marina club, and school, in order to unlock the Free Play mode. Before starting the day at the ice cream parlor, the player must check the ice cream “popularity index” to determine the most in-demand flavors. The game kicks off with three basic flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. There is also a thermometer outside the store to help the player know how much ice cream to buy based on how hot the weather is.