Vanilin MIDI Keyboard 3

Vanilin Software (Freeware)

Musical Instrument Digital Interface is an industry standard for linking musical and audio instruments. This means that an action performed by the musician on one instrument can be transmitted to another instrument. This application is intended for users who have a personal computer. Vanilin MIDI Keyboard is a sound event generator that allows the user to convert the computer keyboard into a MIDI keyboard to play tunes. It does not create the sound in or by itself, although it can intercept all keystrokes on the PC so it can be played or reproduced in a minimized state.

With Vanilin MIDI Keyboard, users can play or create their own MIDI tunes by using the PC keyboard in place of a MIDI keyboard with specific notes assigned to the keys. While the layout may differ from that of a piano keyboard, users are expected to learn and eventually get used to the PC keys. An on-screen guide that shows a MIDI keyboard layout is provided. Some of Vanilin MIDI Keyboard’s main features include:

• Resizable and interchangeable skins
• Pressing CTRL or SHIFT keys to activate the pedal
• A customizable keyboard layout that can be zoomed in or out
• Ability to be played in any window