Vampires VS Zombies 1.0

Alawar Games (Shareware)

Vampires VS Zombies is a time management game where players control vampires to fight against an invasion of zombies. Armies of zombies drop from Transylvania’s skies to prey on vampires’ brains. The player must lead the vampires in the creation of weapons to stop the zombie attack.

Goods must be harvested and sold. The profits of which will be used to generate battle implements and purchase soldiers to defend the vampire lot. Production facilities must also be built and upgraded. Stars are earned for eliminating zombies and may be used for other warfare inventions against the enemy. The greatest number of Jack-o-lanterns must be made since zombies mistake them for genuine human heads.  Dynamites must be stuck into them to make zombies explode. Another way to kill a zombie is by clicking on them to kill them with a hammer’s hit. A variety of other things must be done to fight against the zombies which include creating garlic gas from garlic, golems from rocks, and spider threads and lumber into catapults. When zombies reproduce, a cloud of green smoke surrounds them. Players must not attack them as long as the green smoke is seen for they will further duplicate. 75 game levels as well as minigame levels are included in Vampires VS Zombies.