Vampire Saga - Pandora's Box

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Vampire Saga – Pandora’s Box is a hidden object adventure game developed by the company Alawar Entertainment. It revolves around the dark mysteries of an abandoned ship named Pandora, which is explored by the player and a character names Matthew Ward. Matthew finds himself stranded in the ship when he gets out of his unconscious state. He experiences strange hallucinations and encounters unexplainable phenomena, which prompt him to find out the secrets of the ship.

The player has to go through a series of levels, each of which comes with a specific list of objects to find. Once an object is located, the player must simply point the cursor and click on it and it will automatically be listed in the inventory. Hints are automatically given through a subtle sparkle whenever it takes relatively longer for a player to locate an item. The player can also click on the ‘hint’ button at any time during a game. Each location features detailed graphics that contribute to the eerie vibe of the Pandora. There are surprising twists that are revealed once a player completes a level. Finishing the game means finding out the truth about the ship’s mystery and the circumstances that surround Matthew Ward’s sudden loss of consciousness.