VAIO Wireless LAN Setup Utility

Sony Electronics (Freeware)

The VAIO Wireless LAN Setup Utility permits a user’s Sony VAIO computer to connect to a wireless network via an access point, which then allows Internet access and file sharing with other computers on the local network. This utility also allows computers to connect with others with a default network. With this program, a user’s VAIO computer may be moved around and still maintain access to the network and the Web, as long as the computer is within the area of coverage.

To install the VAIO Wireless LAN Setup program, the user has to download it first. The file downloaded should then be double-clicked, after which it will display a setup screen. Clicking on “Next” and “I Agree” in the subsequent windows that pop up will initiate installation of the utility. Clicking on “Finish” at the final screen will conclude installation. Restarting the computer is the last step of installation. Using WAP and the default network may be accomplished after complete installation occurs. Note that WAP or Wireless Application Protocol must have appropriate configurations for connections using the former to work.

Like other wireless LAN systems, the VAIO Wireless LAN Setup permits options customization for security and user preference. Data encryption options as well as the devices within the network which the computer can connect to can be set by the user.