VAIO Status Monitor

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

The VAIO Status Monitor is a utility developed by Sony Corporation for their line of Sony VAIO laptops. This utility is already preinstalled and found in the Hard Disk Drive of each Sony VAIO unit. Should users need to perform a system recovery for their laptop, the laptop will automatically reinstall the Status Monitor upon its resumption.  

As a system utility, the VAIO Status Monitor allows users to check the various settings of their Sony VAIO computer, including security or restriction settings, device usage settings, performance settings, and power management settings. In addition, it also provides users the option to change their laptop settings through this application. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for a cross-comparison of settings, as the utility displays all of the settings of the laptop in a columnar format within one window. Because of this setup, users can easily identify the condition of various aspects of their computer in one glance.

To access this utility, one way is that users must first access the VAIO Control Center, and then locate the System Information option. Upon opening the System Information window, the Status Monitor can then be opened via the Advanced settings. However, in other VAIO laptops, it can be accessed through the All Programs folder.